17 2 / 2014

"I think for a number of decades, there was this very odd recruiting climate where Wall Street and consulting firms became the default option for students at good schools who didn’t know what they wanted to do after graduation. If you knew you were going to be a doctor, but you didn’t feel sure about your options, Wall Street was an incredibly enticing option. It created a generation of accidental bankers, and some of them did the wrong thing. I think now what you’re seeing with the competitiveness is the people who became bankers, they really want to be bankers. And I think that’s a good thing because it’s better for the banks and the rest of the economy to have people who are talented."

I think Kevin Roose is exactly wrong here. Maybe The Epicurean Dealmaker can explain why?

A Conversation About Young Wall Streeters - NYTimes.com

(via felixsalmon)

(via felixsalmon)

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27 1 / 2014

Newspaper coverage of a high school math test reveals reporters don’t know much about math.


Communications, Portland State University

Newspaper agenda setting and framing of California’s high school exit exam and mathematics curriculum.

Read Thesis Here: tinyurl.com/lqdpq5o

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